Peace. I am Dr. Adrienne and I welcome you to Postheartum™! As a global citizen, health informaticist, culturist, author, & Pan-African healer, I have immersed with individuals & families in Asia, Africa, Latin America, & the U.S.A to spread empowerment during critical moments that require renewed health & well-being before, during, and after sensitive life events. I founded this restoration mechanism in 2017. Postheartum’s™ services are rendered from globally & spiritually qualified, professionally trained, & truly experienced advisement. I am someone who has personally experienced every topic I offer as guidance to you. I also empathize with those who need support after birth or adoption, while being (dis)abled, for daily living, when structuring objectives for sustainability & lifestyle transitions, have challenges with generational dynamics, prefer alternative medicine options, or are dealing with a new medical diagnoses, grief, end-of-life planning, or loss. I would be honored to assist you in finding your light. Much peace & courage to you.